Hey There!

I'm Rachel. Dog mom to two sweet rescue mutts, Layla and Gemma. If you've come across this page, it's safe to say you're a fellow dog lover too, so let me tell you more about these sweet girls.

Layla - German Shepherd / Lab mix who gives endless kisses, hugs on demand, and is the queen of stomping her paws. Enjoys all the tennis balls, still thinks she's 18 pounds and will crush you with snuggles, and stops approximately 462 times on every walk to sniff things. 

Gemma - Pitbull / Boxer mix who dislikes rain, plays lots of pranks, and has a constant case of the wiggles. Will lay still for hours if she's getting a belly rub and always sleeps on a pillow. 

Adopting these two girls has filled my life with more love, laughs, and challenges than I could have ever expected. As owners, I believe it is so important to learn how to understand and connect with our animals. Just like us humans, they have different personalities, different strengths, and different fears. I hope that by sharing our journey, you will be inspired to support your local rescues and provide your best friend(s) with the best life possible!